Business Plans
We prepare business plans for all types of clients, including:
  • Service, manufacturing, wholesale, and retail businesses
  • Startups and established businesses
  • Small, medium, and large businesses
  • Entrepreneurs and businesses seeking loans or investors
Business plans are typically prepared to raise money, obtain trade credit, or for marketing purposes. They are also used for budgeting and cash flow analysis, manufacturing and operational planning, sales forecasting, and systems implementation.

Each business plan is designed for your specific needs. They can be brief or extensive. Different types of plans include:
  • Overview: Usually one page. Provides quick overview to potential investors, customers, or suppliers
  • Executive Summary: Typically up to five pages. Summarizes major areas of a standard plan
  • Standard Plan: Usually 35 pages. Focus depends on the purpose of your plan and your type of business
  • Operational Plan: Often 100 pages or more. Very detailed. Most often used for internal planning and analysis
Parts of a business plan include:
  • Company: Ownership, history, mission, objectives, organization, and facilities
  • Products: Goods and services
  • Market: Demand, competition, comparisons, and analysis,
  • Operations: Description of acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, and other operations
  • Strategy: Marketing, sales, operations, and other strategies to achieve success
  • Financials: Current and projected income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, ratio analysis, and other statements as needed

Financial Plans

Financial Plans are one element of a business plan. They can be prepared as a part of the business plan or prepared separately for budgeting or financial analysis. Financial plans typically involve projected income and cash flow statements and analysis. They can be dynamic (with coded to allow "what-if" scenarios based on a key table of variables) or static.

Others Services

  • Business and Financial Plan Review
  • Business Strategy and Development
  • Marketing and Sales Planning
  • Promotion
  • Private and Venture Funding
  • Private and Public Offerings
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Startup Support
  • Factoring
  • Receivables, and Purchase Order Funding
  • Commercial Real Estate Acquisition, Development, and Management
  • Business Brokering
  • Operations Planning and Management
  • Project Planning and Management
  • Finance and Accounting
  • ERP and Systems Design, Planning, Implementation and Management
  • PC and Network Installation and Maintenance
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Page Design
  • Internet Hosting and Connectivity



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